Jonathan Smith – Hybrid Scaling Webinar 2020




What you will learn in this webinar
You will learn my beginner friendly strategy that has been proven to significantly increase product win rate by both me and my 1-on-1 clients.

I will reveal my complete strategy that has literally doubled my win rate with the SAME products. You will be able to scale 3 more, 5 more, 10 more products each month!

You will learn how I am able to profitably scale products that would otherwise be turned off. Just imagine all the money you’re leaving on the table…

How Much Does Testing Really Cost?
I LOST $182,000 to $364,000 per year…
Testing products is necessary. It’s the only way we can find our winning products. Unfortunately it comes with the downside of dozens of losers that cost around $100-200 each.

I recently sat down to see just how much it was that I lost per year due to testing…

Products Tested / week x 52 Weeks x Loss rate x testing budget = Testing Budget per year

Simple enough, right? 50 products per week, 52 weeks of the year, my loss rate is 70% ( I have a Win rate of 30% which is high in this industry) and my budget is $100-200.

I quickly realized I was losing $182,000 to $364,000 PER YEAR due to testing products.
I had to do something about it…

After seeing these numbers I knew I had to do something to minimize my losses. Fast forward 5 months and I spent over $200,000 developing a strategy that has not only nearly doubled my win rate, but has also doubled the win rate of my 1-on-1 clients products as well.

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