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The real estate sales game today is no longer just an old school game of:


  • Door knocking
  • Referrals
  • Networking

Yes – that’s all important, don’t get me wrong.

And any form of prospecting is better than doing nothing.

But what if I were to tell you there’s a way to generate leads on demand and create a marketing system where people come to YOU, rather than the other way around?

Something that can help you avoid being in a “feast or famine” cycle where you don’t know wherethe next lead is coming from…

Something that can generate leads FOR YOU, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – without you being directly involved…

The answer?

Social media ads.

It has changed the playing field for everyone for the better.

In fact…

I Think Social Media Is The Greatest Gift Ever Given To The Real Estate Industry!

One of the things that’s pushed my career from point A to point B is that I explore every avenue.

Whether I’m negotiating a $20 million deal in Manhattan or EXPANDING my new brokerage, SERHANT., I want to know I’m doing the most I can.

I want to squeeze every single drop out of an opportunity.

When I discovered the power of social ads – specifically Facebook and Instagram – I multiplied my income, influence, and reach.

Facebook and Instagram ads offer an unrivaled rich, diverse, and deep level of ad targeting options no other advertising platform can provide.

Unlike a generic billboard most people ignore, social ads allow you to reach your ideal client efficiently and not waste ad dollars showing to people that are not interested in your services.

This cannot be achieved with almost any other marketing channel.

According to a recent study from the National Association of Realtors, social has become CRITICAL to scoring clients and closing deals across the industry. Here’s a brief snapshot of the report’s findings:

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